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The Advisory Board of Child I Literacy is entrusted with the critical responsibility of providing guidance on issues related to strategy, operations, execution and implementation. The Advisory board is a non-executive body and is not involved in the routine operations of the society. Nonetheless, as a critical component of the strategy setting body of Child I Literacy, the Advisory Board has and continues to contribute invaluable guidance and direction to the operations and strategy of the society. The following is a summary introduction of the members of the Advisory Board:

Omar H. Ali, 

Ph.D. – Advisor – Strategy and Practice

Dr. Ali is a historian and educator who has worked with a variety of innovative educational programs in the United States that support social development through the use of performance. An associate professor at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, he is on the Board of Directors of the All Stars Project, Inc., which runs a series of inner-city youth cultural and educational programs in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Chicago. He is also a History Academic Advisor for the College Board in the U.S. and past Program Director for the Clemente Course in the Humanities, a supplementary education program for poor and working-class adults sponsored by Bard College. An honors graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, he holds a doctorate in history from Columbia University. A frequent news commentator and analyst, he has appeared on CNN, PBS, NPR, CBS News, Al Jazeera, and Telemundo, among other news networks. Born in Lima, Peru, Dr. Ali is of South American and East Indian descent. He is married to Dr. Diana Munoz Ali, an occupational dermatologist, originally from Colombia. They have two children.

Naushard Cader

Advisor – Strategic Initiatives, Expansion and Alliances

Naushard Cader is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has several years of accounting, auditing and consultancy experience in serving national and multinational companies in variety of industries and Not-for-profit organizations. Naushard believes in creating positive educational system and sustainable economic development to fight extreme poverty around the world. A co-founder of Child | Literacy, Naushard supports overall organizational objectives and leads Strategic Initiatives, Expansion and Alliances. He currently is pursuing his Masters in Public Policy at the JF Kennedy School at Harvard University.

Lisa Rosenbaum

Executive Director – Literacy and Mentoring Programs

Lisa Rosenbaum teaches courses on Multicultural Education at Long Island University. Her extensive research focuses on youth literacy, improving education for students at risk. She is the author of “Teaching Diverse Populations” (Long Island University Education Review, March 2004) concerning the patterns and prevention of school dropouts. On her free time, she provides weekly homework assistance to children living in the NYC shelters. Lisa Rosenbaum earned her Masters in Education and Curriculum from C. W. Post School of Education in 2006. As Executive Director – Literacy Programs, Lisa is one of the key members of the team responsible for structuring and implementing upon literacy programs for children in New York and neighboring states.

Anupam Satyasheel

Executive Director – Strategy and Practice

With a distinguished history of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in the corporate and charity world, Anupam brings immense expertise to Blossom Projects. As the founder of Occams Group, he has steered the enterprise to remarkable results extensively covered by publications including Fortune, Inc, and Financial Times. Anupam’s professional career includes stints at Fortune 500 companies as well as wildly successful start-ups and almost a decade on Wall Street with names like Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, and Scotia Bank. Anupam’s dedication to community development has manifested in his long association with Child Literacy, serving the educational and social needs of children across Ecuador, Haiti, India, Nepal, Philippines, and United States over last 18 years. Anupam values the unique intellectual opportunity each human being has and is committed to maximizing opportunities for each child. He endeavors to optimize his own potential through meditation, long walks and runs, immersive travel, quality family and social time, and his avid reading across topics from personal growth to astrophysics.

Dr. Ritu Goel

Executive Director – Programs & Wellness

Doctor Ritu Goel is a nationally recognized child and adolescent psychiatrist who has honed her professional acumen across three continents and two decades of academic and patient work. In her latest professional role Dr. Goel served as a Partner at Kaiser Permanente’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Practice in Southern California. Prior to that she worked as a Psychiatrist at the globally renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute while serving on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD.

Doctor Goel completed her fellowship and residency from University at Buffalo in upstate New York. Her previous training and professional accomplishments include a six-year stint National Health Service (NHS) in London, England and a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Sarojini Naidu Medical College at Agra in India.

Ritu is a visionary healthcare idealist who is enamored by the prospects of proactive intervention augmented by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that can anticipate and prevent mental illnesses and minimize the burden on healthcare systems. Her passion for the empowerment, education, and well-being of children in their formative years is an outcome of the same ideology. Our Child | Literacy, Dr Goel is entrusted with design and development of programs that ensure holistic well-being of children.

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