Winnie Togonon
Director of Literacy Programs, Philippines

The son of a farmer in Philippines, Winnie began his career in a small Japanese restaurant as a janitor and later became a sushi Chef followed by a chef position at a major international Hotel based in Manila. His work in the food industry took him to few cities in the Middle East including Jedah, Daharan and Yanbu, and to the world famous S/S Norway cruise ship and finally to the world famous restaurants of New York City. Motivated by the need to give something back to his country, Winnie started his Seeds of Life Foundation in May 2008. The mission is to help the young children in his town of Palong Pong Hinunangan in their educations. He believes that education is the best investment that we can make for the future of the young generations, especially in the developing countries. Currently Winnie works in New York as well as manages a farm and a library project in his home Town of Hinunangan, Leyte, Philippines.