Susanne Ryan
Director – Literacy Programs

Susanne Ryan has a BA in Speech Pathology with a minor in Education and an MA in Applied Behavioral Science /Counseling. She had a private Psychotherapy practice in Seattle Washington for 10 years. She gave that up to work in the schools in Hawaii as a Behavioral Health Specialist. Susanne grew up in a family that valued education and reading and as a result she is an avid reader. Susanne believes that unless we educate children well then we are limiting their opportunities to succeed. She has a passion for reading and its potential to expand human horizons. While traveling in Ecuador in 2004 she became aware of many serious problems in that country and the inadequacies of the school system. She then traveled to Peru and volunteered in a library close to the Amazon, which was started and directed by a fellow American. Eventually, she decided to help the community of Vilcabamba, Ecuador by starting a reading project in affiliation with a library and signed up many school kids for the reading program. She lives and works in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.