Mission, Vision, and Values


Initiate, evaluate, and disseminate programs across the globe to promote children's educational, emotional, ethical, social, and intellectual development. While our emphasis is on empowering children to think competently and judiciously, we also endeavor to deepen children's commitment to values such as compassion, cooperation, consideration, responsibility and respect for others—attributes we believe are critical to leading humane and productive lives.


The vision of Child I Literacy is to be 'the pre-eminent expertise-based for-impact organization that focuses on envisaging and executing upon optimally structured projects related to children and their education'.


Ethics: Ethical conduct is the core of the value system of Child I Literacy. It is because of the exemplary ethical conduct of its members that Child I Literacy manages to maintain the highest moral standards in all its operations.

Compassion: Service before self is a guideline for us. Imparting education and knowledge is an extremely selfless practice and we do this compassionately to ensure maximum benefit to the recipients.

Cooperation: We rely on cooperation and interdependence as the cornerstones of our conduct. We accord a high priority to developing a bond of cooperation with external entities such as donors, beneficiaries and agencies.

Responsibility: Being an agent of a social change as monumental as our mission calls for responsibility. We conduct ourselves in a manner that completely adheres to the high standards that is expected from such agents.

Respect: Respect for every individual, process, system and tradition as well as for each other is an important element of our philosophy and belief..

Spirit: We believe in maintaining the right spirit and taking the developments in the true spirit of service. While we continuously strive to infuse the same spirit in our environment, we also allow the external factors to positively affect our spirit.

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