Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Child | Literacy is the body entrusted with the strategy, expansion, operations and practices of this venture. The directors report to the board itself and to that extent self reporting and self supervision is the guiding management philosophy of the Board of Child | Literacy. The directors of Child | Literacy serve until they voluntarily step down or switch to a different responsibility within the organization.
The Directors of Child | Literacy are introduced here:

Our Executive Directors

Naushard Cader
Executive Director – Strategic Initiatives, Expansion and Alliances

Naushard Cader is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has several years of accounting, auditing and consultancy experience in serving national and multinational companies in variety of industries and Not-for-profit organizations. Naushard believes in creating positive educational system and sustainable economic development to fight extreme poverty around the world. A co-founder of Child | Literacy, Naushard supports overall organizational objectives and leads Strategic Initiatives, Expansion and Alliances. He currently is pursuing his Masters in Public Policy at the JF Kennedy School at Harvard University.

Besa Kosova
Executive Director – Fundraising, Development and Donor Relations

Besa Kosova discovered the passion for books, writing and poetry ever since she learned the alphabet. One of the poems she penned – at age six – was about peace. Besides writing, she enjoys helping others. She is a firm believer that there is no better gift to a child than the gift of education. In addition to being a Director with Child | literacy, she is also the founder of My One School Inc., a non-profit organization, which uses the books to promote literacy globally. In addition, she is majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida.

Lisa Rosenbaum
Executive Director – Literacy and Mentoring Programs

Lisa Rosenbaum teaches courses on Multicultural Education at Long Island University. Her extensive research focuses on youth literacy, improving education for students at risk. She is the author of "Teaching Diverse Populations" (Long Island University Education Review, March 2004) concerning the patterns and prevention of school dropouts. On her free time, she provides weekly homework assistance to children living in the NYC shelters. Lisa Rosenbaum earned her Masters in Education and Curriculum from C. W. Post School of Education in 2006. As Executive Director - Literacy Programs, Lisa is one of the key members of the team responsible for structuring and implementing upon literacy programs for children in New York and neighboring states.

Anupam Satyasheel
Executive Director – Strategy and Practice

Anupam Satyasheel is an alumnus of New York University and London Business School. In his diverse roles in the fields of Finance, he has created immense value for several organizations across the globe. Anupam is widely recognized as an innovative business thinker whose lateral solution finding skills have helped optimize the available resources. His passion for child education is a direct outcome of his experiences during his initial years of struggle. Anupam could not get any primary education because of his underprivileged circumstances and later on funded his college education. An ardent supporter of social equality and universal education, Anupam has played a key role in setting strategy and direction for Child | Literacy.

Dilshad Deyani
Executive Director – Development, Literacy Programs & Promotion e

Dilshad is a motivational speaker, life coach trainer and broadcasting journalist. She is the President and Founder of "WE WILL Global Council" (Women Empowering Women in Learning and Leadership). The organization works closely with public and private sector to promote Millennium Development goals in collaboration with South South News and United Nations Development programs. Working to improve the quality of life in the Southern regions of the world and giving girls and women the basic rights as human beings has been her mission, passion and a lifelong dream. Dilshad has a Masters in Instructional Design and Media from Columbia University. She serves on the Advisory Board for NPR and PBS. Currently as a social researcher she produces and hosts radio shows and TV production for minorities. As an independent producer and host for South Asian media without borders she believes media is a powerful tool for learning. In her capacity of a Board Member and Vice President for Child | Literacy, she is focused on setting up mobile libraries in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. She is also working on establishing learning centers in the villages and women shelters in the slums.

Bhavna Toor
Executive Director – Promotion, Branding and Public Communication

Bhavna Toor comes with over 10 years of sales/marketing experience in financial services, managing business and product development of hedge funds, and providing innovative investment solutions to institutional clients. Passionate about the social sector, she has built a strong track record of leading, advising and fund-raising for non-profits. She is committed to enabling the holistic development of children, of which education is the very foundation. Bhavna is a Board Member and President of Child | Literacy. She manages responsibilities related to Promotion, Branding and Public Communication. Bhavna has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

Our Directors

Diego Agustín Peris San Martín
Director – Knowledge and Research

Diego Peris is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and English As A Second Language (ESL) at Universidad Santa Maria (Santa Maria University-USM) in Caracas, Venezuela. At the same, he works as freelance Information Technology and Business Consultant, in the areas of Business and Logistics for customers in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry. He also has had a distinguished career as a Project Manager implementing ERP software, as BPCS, PeopleSoft, Epicor and SAP systems. Diego holds a Certificate in Higher Education from Universidad Nacional Abierta, Caracas and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. Diego's passion for universal child | literacy makes him a commendable advocate for this cause. At Child | Literacy he handles the role of chief knowledge officer, managing the research and building the knowledge body of the organization.

Susanne Ryan
Director – Literacy Programs

Susanne Ryan has a BA in Speech Pathology with a minor in Education and an MA in Applied Behavioral Science /Counseling. She had a private Psychotherapy practice in Seattle Washington for 10 years. She gave that up to work in the schools in Hawaii as a Behavioral Health Specialist. Susanne grew up in a family that valued education and reading and as a result she is an avid reader. Susanne believes that unless we educate children well then we are limiting their opportunities to succeed. She has a passion for reading and its potential to expand human horizons. While traveling in Ecuador in 2004 she became aware of many serious problems in that country and the inadequacies of the school system. She then traveled to Peru and volunteered in a library close to the Amazon, which was started and directed by a fellow American. Eventually, she decided to help the community of Vilcabamba, Ecuador by starting a reading project in affiliation with a library and signed up many school kids for the reading program. She lives and works in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Suzanne Sichtig
Director – Promotion Branding and Public Communication

Suzanne Sichting is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors including business information, human resources, finance & investment banking, ventures and technology. Raised by a father who was a minister and a mother educating Kindergarten children, she learnt the importance of the role foundational education plays. Suzanne's formal training as a music educator helped bridge her two passions - teaching children and using her business skills. Having created and managed a fine arts center for many years, Suzanne loves to see children develop to their full potential. She has experienced the difference between abilities and lives of literate and education deprived children. Suzanne believes that raising awareness on child | literacy will further the overall socioeconomic status of cultures. At Child | Literacy she serves as Executive Director - Promotions and Branding with a focus on Web Strategy. Suzanne currently divides her time among New York, and business trip locations.

Vidhi Kastuar
Director of Literacy Programs and Strategic Initiatives

Vidhi Kastuar is a Business Incubation Manager in Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group. She has a passion for technology and education and strongly believes that eventually technological innovation, globalization and social networking will make education affordable for every child. Child Literacy grabbed her attention because of its mission. Vidhi wants to further the hope and change this organization has already brought for children and their families across the world. Vidhi also loves travelling and exploring new countries, cultures, and cuisines. When she is not working or travelling she likes to spend time with her paints and brushes capturing the world as she sees it on her canvas. Vidhi is an alumnus of Wharton Business School and also holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Janet Bennison
Director of Promotion and Public Communication

In addition to her compelling expertise in social science and philosophy, Janet is an avid practitioner of neurological programming and cognitive hypnotherapy. A compelling advocate of children' rights and education, Janet has spent many years volunteering for the welfare of children and in providing them more opportunities for education and a better life. As the Director of Promotion and Public Communication for Child | Literacy, she has been focusing on building a more wide-ranging public relations strategy and a more robust web presence.

Winnie Togonon
Director of Literacy Programs, Philippines

The son of a farmer in Philippines, Winnie began his career in a small Japanese restaurant as a janitor and later became a sushi Chef followed by a chef position at a major international Hotel based in Manila. His work in the food industry took him to few cities in the Middle East including Jedah, Daharan and Yanbu, and to the world famous S/S Norway cruise ship and finally to the world famous restaurants of New York City. Motivated by the need to give something back to his country, Winnie started his Seeds of Life Foundation in May 2008. The mission is to help the young children in his town of Palong Pong Hinunangan in their educations. He believes that education is the best investment that we can make for the future of the young generations, especially in the developing countries. Currently Winnie works in New York as well as manages a farm and a library project in his home Town of Hinunangan, Leyte, Philippines.

Our Associate Directors

Muktai Panchal
Associate Director – Promotion and Literacy Programs

Muktai is an alumna of the prestigious St Xavier's College and a risk professional at Ernst & Young. In addition to being an accomplished professional, she also has a vision of a better world where she wants girls to get rights similar to boys. Muktai also wants to eliminate social evils such as girl infoeticide and infanticide with the long term goal of restoring the disturbingly imbalanced sex ratio in India and other developing nations. At the age of 18 she founded a Facebook Cause Stop Female Infanticide... Save The Girl Child and grew it to over 350,000 supporters. As the Associate Director of Promotion and Literacy Programs for Child | Literacy she manages the twin responsibilities of creating educational opportunities for children in Mumbai slums as well as furthering the growing brand equity of Child | Literacy.

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